We begin each Fall with the letter Aa and then work our way through the alphabet.  Creative Curriculum is the researched curriculum that is used. Learning activities are play based on children’s interest and Ohio’s Department of Education’s Early Learning Development Standards.   We believe that children learn through play.  We provide many opportunities for children to explore materials, develop large and fine motor skills, practice manners and social skills.  We help children learn self help skills

The state of Ohio recognizes programs who go above and beyond basic licensing requirements. Our center has been awarded a One Star status.

Because our program is an extension of the Methodist church, we incorporate Christian Education within our program.  We have weekly large group children’s worship called “Bible Basics” and small group classroom activities that focus on the basics of Christianity.

Parent Involvement:
We have an open door policy where parents and relatives are welcome to come visit and participate within our program. Periodically we host family events where parents, grandparents or a special friend are invited to join us.